Zcode System Review – Dave Reviews

Zcode System Review – Dave Reviews

Hey guys this is Davis here with Dave reviews.com and I just wanted to shoot a quick review about something maybe you guys would come across maybe you have in it’s called the Z code system and it’s a bit I guess you could call it unorthodox then most of the other kind of internet marketing things out there it’s actually a sports investing or sports betting whatever you want to call it system and I know there’s a lot of it wants to what kind of rears its head and people are wondering is this thing any good you know is it legal all that good stuff so yeah I just wanted to give you a guys a heads up on this a basic overview of what I’m gonna talk about I’ll go over some pros and cons excuse me I’ll go over some pros and cons kind of my overall recommendation that’s kind of a thank you for taking the time to look at my video I’ll give you a sneak peek inside the system itself and because tomorrow’s the big day if you the free Super Bowl picks that Z code system has spit out so pros of the system it is really easy to follow me personally I’ve been using it for about three years it works for any sport and they’ve even gotten into horse racing recently so there’s never like a dull moment it’s not like it just focuses on football or basketball or soccer or whatever it’ll it’s there’s always a pic for something there’s there’s never like a lag the system is constantly being updated like I said I’ve been using it for three years now and it’s amazing like how invested the creators of the software are and how invested they keep they keep being it has a huge member base there are hundreds of people and it’s very active I’ll give you a quick look at that once we’re inside the members area probably the biggest Pro that I can think of is that it works if you’ve ever looked at their sales video they advertise something like it like an 85 or an 89 person success rate something like that that is true I do want to clarify the way they come up with that is they use the ABC betting system which is the first bet you would bet one unit so let’s say you’re a $10 better your unit would be $10 so your first that you would make would be $10 if that bet wins take your money move on if that that loses your next bet would be a two human at bet so $20 if that wins go back to a if it loses you then go to your see your three your three bet basically so yeah a $30 bet if that loses you go back to a no matter what so using that system they can they have proven that it that you win those that ABC progression about 90% of the time another question that comes up a lot is the legality of sports betting in the US yes it is legal where a lot of the confusion is is that back in 2006 there was a law passed that limited basically made it if you have like a financial institution in the US you can’t give money to a sports betting site basically so that’s where the confusion comes in as a result it can be really hard to fund your account obviously because most banks are us-based Washington and Maryland residents I can’t remember if that’s the abbreviation for Maryland if not I’m sorry Maryland you’ll usually get locked out outright because these are the two states that I can recall that actually have laws block basically blocking any kind of sports wagering within those states disclaimer I do live in Montana which is it has betting laws a lot like Nevada where you can pretty much do anything so yeah there’s a little disclaimer there cons of the system it can be expensive the regular price is a hundred and ninety seven dollars a month however they have special deal going all the time where you can get the system quite frequently they have 75% off yes so instead of one hundred ninety seven dollars on that goes down to forty seven dollars a month which is awesome that’s really the plan that I’m on as a result I highly recommend you get on their email list I’m not sure if there’s another way that you can be a part of those discounts they don’t really openly advertise them except to their email list they’re an initial investment required obviously you need something to place bets so kind of it really depends if you’re more conservative you’re gonna want a bankroll of like a hundred units so let’s say you’re a five-dollar better you’re gonna want five hundred dollars which you could place your bets with if you’re a bit more tolerant to risk you could use like a twenty dollar base unit or I’m sorry twenty unit base so if you’re if you were a five dollar better you would put a hundred dollars in and use that as your twenty dollars as I mentioned before it could be pretty hard to get money on a bet site especially in the US I use Bovada myself pretty sure it’s the biggest in the world right now that’s BOV a da da lv let me type that no so BOV a da dot lv is the website that’s the one that i use i never had a problem with them they’ve been great with me finally the last con I can think of is there is a lot of information and it can be overwhelming to someone that is brand new to all of this they do have a whole bunch of tutorials and it is highly recommended that you go through them especially if you’ve never even gone through the motions of betting on sports or anything before they do walk you through it pretty well would I recommend this yes I would like I said before I’ve been using it for three years I have had losing days losing weeks but I have never had a losing month I’ve heard that some people using the system have had losing months and I’ve even heard of a couple losing years I think those people are a lot more risk tolerant than I am I kind of stick to the conservative side so yeah right here if this review helped you at all I’d really appreciate it if you went through my not avatar site affiliate site geez I’ve really appreciated people through my affiliate here my affiliate site and at least got on their email list because yeah like I said this is how you get the discounts I think right now they’re giving like a $7 7 day free trial which is awesome so yeah if you’re still on the fence or if you don’t know that you can get money into your account or anything like that seven bucks try it for a week if you like it awesome continue pay for it if not it’s seven bucks you’re not really out that much and everything is through Clickbank – so you’re covered by their refund policies and all of that so yeah that’s thanks for listening to my little presentation there I’m gonna go ahead and pause the recording for now and I’ll get into the members area and give you a quick peek of that okay so here we are in the members area this is what you see as soon as you log in where I would go first is I would definitely like it says do this first watch this webinar it is super helpful this yeah money management tips they’re plan basically like how can you use this and make money with it the rest of the steps yeah open a book he account like like I said with Bovada maybe I can type that up here since it didn’t go off so that would be Bovada LV that that’s the name of the website let me just open another tab I can at least show you that looks like so boom here’s Bulldog yeah they got 250 bucks to bet on the Super Bowl there you go so yeah just a quick look there you can go away now so where I usually go or I spend most of my time is in the VIP pics section this is where kind of the stuff is I will typically start I don’t do a whole lot of bets anymore just that’s it does it can get time-consuming and a little nerve-racking if you’re plating like 10 20 30 bets at a time but sticking with the VIP picks excuse me you only tend to have to make like 2 or 3 so this is typically I’ll go with soccer because there always seems to be a soccer game going on not that I know that much about soccer but yeah it’ll give you a quick recap of the day before so yeah we are February 3rd here’s all the soccer games and and all their scores it go down a little bit more this is the live chat right now all the members and people just posting random stuff experts watch journal I’m currently not watching any experts but you there are a bunch of expert sports bettors that’ll post their picks and stuff and if you want to watch them and a copy what they do you can do that and they’ll show up here go ahead and minimize those so here’s the daily recap wall this is all the user activity that took place just yesterday and yeah like you can tell there is a ton and it’s really helpful to have just kind of to be a part of the community with so many active people it’s definitely not a dead system so let’s get to the actual pigs if it will let me minimize that okay so yeah here’s an example of a soccer game and all the information that will that it’ll give you so we had we’re pool versus whole city it’ll give you this is kind of like the the basic information I guess so it’ll give a score for addiction of two to one the actual game result was 0 to 2 you will notice how that was pretty far off and even the system wasn’t that confident in that how you can tell this information it’s kind of blocked here but you can see no you can’t get out of the way thing but this right here it says one value and it has a value out of five stars and this is typically what I follow I will only do five star pick that like zero its ultimate like this hat this bet has the highest chance of hitting so yeah it was only three and a half out of five stars confident about that you know you can take a look at some of the history between like Hull City it had a streak it had in the last five games they had a draw loss win loss draw loss this kind of yin-yang symbol means they’re kind of average like if they’re a super hot team like Liverpool right now typically when a team wins they will tend to win the next game that’s where this burning hot stuff is coming from yeah hot trends three and three and a stars some people like betting on these like I said on Super I’m pretty conservative when it comes to this so I typically will only bet on the five stars every once in a while all this but not very often and right here it’ll also give you the over/under bet so under was the score and it had a 51% chance of hitting this is zero out of five stars not 5 out of 5 so Z code pretty much said yeah don’t make that turns out at what it would a hit but you know if you know soccer know that Liberals a rather good team and Hull City is a bit less so yeah I wouldn’t have picked that either but yeah it says 0 0 out of 5 stars I’m down here you’ll see like how the public bets so 89% of the people bet on or I guess 83 89% bet on Liverpool either tying or winning and all 11 prevent bit bet on whole city this down here these line moves this is yeah auto-update it like that’ll tell you what where the betting lines removing I typically don’t do a whole lot of messing around with these but if you’re super into it you can get some pretty good deals as far as the bed is actually concerned and get better odds or if you follow these line moose so yeah it’s just a little sneak peek of what you actually get with the system and now for the coup de Gras we’ll go over here to NFL and boom here are your Super Bowl picks you will notice a five here now you can see line value you have we have a five star line value on I believe the Falcons to win yeah because the Falcons their odds are at two point three two which is actually pretty good so that means if you were to bet a hundred dollars you would win two hundred and thirty two dollars if the Falcons win the game so that’s that’s got a lot of value to it so that’s what Z code system is saying you can tell here we got a six game winning streak the Falcons have been over it six out of the last six times Z code is also saying as a fifty four percent chance that the game hits under fifty eight and a half but you can also see that’s a one out of five star bet so it’s not super confident in that it is predicting a final score of twenty eight to twenty three you will notice how that’s in what seems to be contradictory to this line value here the key word here is value because of this rather high odd value Z code thinks in terms of long run and not short term so if you were to bet these long odds in this kind of situation you’re most likely going to end up head so yeah I think you have heard enough of me rambling thank you so much for checking this out if this helped you out at all please

Zcode System review – Tired of listening to me ramble? Check out the Zcode System for yourself at http://zcodescam.com/recommends/zcodesystem. OK, so the free Super Bowl picks are a little outdated now, but you still get a free exclusive look inside the Zcode System itself before you buy. You can see for yourself if you like what you see.

Check out my written review at http://www.zcodescam.com

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