Zcode NFL Week 2 predictions and preview September 2019

Zcode NFL Week 2 predictions and preview September 2019

welcome back to Z code system and this week we are talking about NFL week 2 which is coming up right around the corner and guys I know you’re excited the NFL is back and so are we as we continue to give you some great picks and predictions in our videos and blogs as the NFL season continues last week we saw some very big games go on in the NFL and a few injuries take place as well and so we’re going to see how those play out over the course of the season and you can always go over to Z code system to check out our blogs and check out the predictions in the VIP pics area and get all that up to minute information and help you make good educated picks in your sports betting for the NFL so guys we’re gonna talk about week two which will be coming up at the weekend in the NFL we’re gonna see some divisional rivals take take the field against each other one game in particular that we’re gonna be talking about here is the Washington Redskins taking on the Dallas Cowboys which should be a very good game one of the old rivalries in the NFL I’m gonna talk about that as I said now one thing that I encourage you to do is to go to the comments section here on the video and let us know about the teams that you have been impressed with so far in the NFL this season perhaps it’s the LA Rams or the New Orleans Saints again two teams are gonna be talking about today or maybe some can’t see Chiefs and Patrick mahomes maybe that is the team and the player that’s impressing you but let us know who you are looking out for right now and what teams you’re looking out for as well so guys once again the blog is there and I’m just scrolling down like that a great start to the NFL season check out those blogs on the profits that are being made and use that as a tool to help you with your NFL betting and use our VIP picks as a tool for your NFL betting but let’s get on to these games that I want to talk about we’re gonna talk about three today in the NFL well before we get to these three picks I just want to say last week in our video I picked three NFL games with two coming up as winners and one that I dearly regret now I picked the Cleveland Browns to defeat the Tennessee Titans although I told you but better to be cautious betting on the Browns because they’re still an unknown quantity and wouldn’t you know the Browns really bombed in Cleveland last weekend and you know over the on Sunday night you probably heard the crashes of people jumping off that bandwagon there in Cleveland but last week I was two for three in my pick so hopefully this week we can be a hundred percent with three for three and the first game we’re gonna check out is that as I scroll down here to the drop-down menu is going to be the Dallas Cowboys taking on that the Washington Redskins as I said early an old school rivalry there in the NFL and I’m just gonna scroll down here and pick that game up and there she is and here we are right now with the Dallas Cowboys taking the Redskins and last week the Cowboys picking up at 3517 win over the New York Giants my big question is are the Cowboys that good or are the Giants that bad now that Prescott fantastic week in 405 yards passing four touchdowns brilliant azita Elliot fresh off that new contract 13 rushes 58 yards one touchdown he’s gonna get more carries this week against the Redskins you can bet on that and he’s gonna get a bigger load Washington wasn’t great last week they narrowly lost to the Eagles and the big issue was the run game 28 total yards on the ground and you know I don’t think I don’t think this Redskins team is gonna be that bad they’re not gonna be bad the Giants but I think this Cowboys team is pretty good now let’s just take a look at the head-to-head for these two teams recently we wait for that to come up here and as you can see the home team is actually one was at five of the last six games between these two teams now I think Dallas is going to go into Washington and pick up a victory coming up on Sunday and with that Prescott playing so well and his ego Eliot getting more rushes this week I’m banking on Dallas to pick up an away win as you can see they did there in October 2017 and September 2016 and I can put my money on the Cowboys to pick up a win there so that’s our first pick for the weekend coming up NFL week 2 and let’s look back up here at our drop-down menu I’ve scrolled back up here to the top and this time around I want to take a look at another divisional rivalry game going on and that is the Minnesota Vikings they are going to be going to the Green Bay Packers to take on the pack and as you can see here we’ve got a score prediction of the Packers over the Vikings now the Packers defeated the Chicago Bears 1310 to open the week to open the season that is in Chicago at Soldier Field Minnesota they picked up a home win over the Atlanta Falcons 28 12 in a game that they really dominated until that fourth quarter Papa’s got a bit back in that game is pretty much over by that time all 12 points for the Falcons came in the 12th sorry in the fourth quarter a little bit worrying Kirk Cousins only 98 yards through the air one touchdown but at Delvin cook 111 yards on the ground and that run game in Minnesota really accumulated yards for the Minnesota Vikings and I really like the Vikings actually in this game and I’ll show you a little bit why with some head-to-head comparisons here and as you can see there the Vikings look at that defeated the Packers last year they picked up a draw at Lambeau a tie another win against the Vikings the year before at Lambeau in 2017 and a win before that in October 2017 and as you can see the Vikings have picked up some winds and in that tie as well at Lambeau and in this head-to-head series and I like the Vikings to go in and to pick up an upset I don’t know I’m picking two upsets now in back-to-back games but again it’s a visional rival these two teams I think are a little bit more even than what we might think after week one I think the Vikings Kirk Cousins will pick up his play a bit better through the air next weekend that run game should continue to be good so I’m going with the Vikings here a second straight road win upset I’m gonna go against the Z code system score prediction and I’m gonna pick the Vikings to go undefeated for a third straight time going into Green Bay and Lambeau Field now guys I’ve got one more game that I want to talk this weekend and this is a game that’s going to be going on out in Los Angeles between the New Orleans Saints and the Los Angeles Rams huge game here they’re all huge if you will but another huge game here and the Rams burning hot as you can see there from z-code system Saints are average both teams picking up wins at the weekend sorry NFL week one that is and both teams putting up 30 points against their opponents the Saints were able to beat the Houston Texans while the Rams they picked up a win and let me just see that score again 32 27 over the Carolina Panthers so as you can see both games were very similar in the results that they had and as you can see there against the Texans very close game this is going to be this is going to be very even and I think it’s gonna be a bit of a shootout between these two offenses two excellent offenses Jared Goff and Todd Gurley there with the Rams and Drew Brees with the New Orleans Saints now again let’s look at the head-to-head and as you can see the home team has won in each of the last four seasons in the regular season last year we saw the Saints win it at the superdome and prior to that they had won again at the Superdome against the Rams but when they met in the playoffs we can see that the Rams here did pick up an overtime victory over the Saints at the Superdome I think this trend of the home team is going to continue when they play at the LA Coliseum at the weekend in NFL week 2 Jared Goff 186 years last week a touchdown and an interception he had a good weekend he can be better and I think he’s going to be very good against the Saints I think Drew Brees will be good as well and this gonna be a very close games very close game as I said a shootout between these offenses look at these scores that we’ve seen even with the the Saints blowing out the Rams there they still put 28 on this is going to be a very fun game to watch for the neutral especially and again like I said high scoring and I’m going with the trend of the home team picking this when picking up the win and that is when with the LA Rams moving to 2 and OH on the season well the Saints will drop to 101 but don’t count the Saints out because they are going to be up there and competing for the NFC Championship when the season comes to an end I think this is a very good team two very good teams and a very good game that we’re all going to get to see coming up in NFL week 2 now guys you can go to the z-code system website and you can read all of our blogs or you can check out the VIP pics and get all that information there you can post on there and you can give your opinions on games coming up and you can see the score predictions that have been predicted by z-code system so guys go on over there have a great weekend with NFL week 2 and your NFL betting and I hope you win lots of profits just like we did last week at Z code system guys until then we’ll see you next week

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